Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get Organized

How to organize a closet?
Start by taking everything out.  Starting with a clean canvas will help you prioritize what should go in.  Try to eliminate what doesnt fit or what you have not worn in more than 6 months.
I always like use a shoe organizer to store scarves, hats and gloves.  Every kid should have their own to keep all their winter accessories visible and easy to find.

 First take everything out of the closet
 Sort out all the clothes by Shirts, Pants, Skirts and Dresses. 
 Try to get rid of old shoes and clothes before putting everything back in.
Whenever you have a limited closet space, its ok to use shoe hanging units on your wall.
Add extra rods to fit more hanging clothes if possible.
Jeans are always easiest to maintain as a folded item.  When possible hang your shirts.

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