Friday, August 30, 2013

Kitchen utilities cabinet

This kitchen area make over was done by adding all same colors of baskets.   This entire area was done very  inexpensively   for $22. In every house there is an area where the mail is received. In this case was the kitchen. In order to alleviate the clutter that mail can cause,  I created  a basket for all mail to go in regardless if its open or not.  Inside the cabinet there is a black tray for opened mail and bills to be paid. The next basket is for all magazines and coupons that sometimes you want to keep.   Once the basket is full you should discard oldest ones.    The other baskets are the things that you usually use a lot.
I found the top wicker basket at home goods for 9.99 and the blue containers were found at a Family dollar for $2 for bigger baskets and the small containers for $1
If you create a basket for all the junk that usually accumulates around the counter top, it will give you a reason to put all mail in the baskets before it hits the counter.

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